BIG Athletics Partners With Big Oak Flat Groveland


BIG Athletics is proud to announce the partnership with the entire Big Oak Flat Groveland Unified School District, based out of Groveland, California. This partnership will include the Tenaya Elementary School, Tioga High School, and Don Pedro High School. BIG Athletics and adidas will have the opportunity to transition each one of their athletic programs within the district to adidas uniforms and apparel.

BIG Athletics will also be designing websites for each school in the district which will afford them the opportunity to sell their new athletic gear to students, parents and fans of the Timberwolves.

“The BIG Athletics team, led by Bryan DeLorenzo, has been a pleasure to work with since the initial phases of this partnership. Their professionalism and patience throughout the entire process allowed school personnel to think and discuss this partnership in its entirety. This contract is tailored perfectly to suit the needs of school district athletics. We can see this being the future of school athletics, companies taking on uniform needs for entire school districts, making the process more efficient and in turn bringing high quality, attractive sports apparel.” Stated Tioga High School President, Ryan Dutton.

It is exciting to be partnering with not only a new athletic program but an entire new community to all of us here at BIG Athletics. We are grateful to be working with the Big Oak Flat Groveland Unified School District and look forward to what these athletes have in store throughout this partnership!

“The Big Oak Flat Groveland Unified School District is very excited to enter into an agreement with BIG Athletics to supply our athletic uniforms. This arrangement should ease the process of updating our uniforms every several years, and the prices and style options are good for our programs, but also our elementary programs. Along with the excellent purchase price comes several benefits to our program- coaches’ shirts and t-shirts for our use, and the option to sell school logo apparel. We have already ordered our first new uniforms.” Stated Dave Urquhart, Super Intendant of BOFG Unified School District.