Moccasin Community Day School is a small school for students in grades 7-12 who either request attendance or are placed for a variety of reasons.  Students may attend Moccasin if they feel disenfranchised in a regular school program, if they prefer to work in a small setting, if they have consistent attendance or discipline problems or if they are expelled.  Moccasin students work on an individual basis using their own computer for online programs at their grade level, and have group instruction, as well.  The program has less than 10 students and one teacher and is located on the Tenaya campus.  This program is perfect for the right student.  If you know someone who is interested, ask about it with the Tenaya or Tioga principal, or the superintendent.


COURSES OFFERED at the high school range from core classes to specialized classes at a college level.


GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS for Moccasin Community School are based on state standards.