News and Activities for Spring, 2016

News and Activities for Spring, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Hi.  I am hoping you have enjoyed some welcome rain this winter and are looking forward to a nice spring completely full of wildflowers.  The hillsides sure are a beautiful green color right now.  It’s a welcome sight compared to the last few years.   I am writing to let you know about several upcoming events and activities at the schools.  We have a very busy schedule ahead of us.

Dave Urquhart, Superintendent

California Healthy Kids Survey:  This is a survey of general health of our students in 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th grades.  This survey is conducted every two to three years and is valuable to us in determining the needs of our students.  The results we get back are completely anonymous. The survey will be conducted in the next several weeks.

Planting trees in the Rim Fire area:  Each school is participating in a program conducted by the US Forest Service and the Tuolumne River Trust to plant trees in the Rim Fire area.  Students will travel to the forest service office in the Buck Meadows area, be trained, then ride the bus and walk to the tree planting area.   Two classes from Tenaya, and all students at high schools, will participate.  Tenaya’s date is March 7, Don Pedro’s date is March 10 and Tioga’s date is March 18.  This is a great opportunity for our students to give back to the community.

Occupational Olympics:  Columbia College hosts the Occupational Olympics for high school students each year, this year on March 3.  Our Culinary Arts students from Tioga and Don Pedro High Schools will compete with students from Sonora High.  Last year a Tioga student won the event.  Also, the Natural Resources team from Don Pedro will compete at the Olympics.  Good luck to our students!!

College Counseling for High School Students:  On March 1, 7, and 9, Columbia College counselors are coming to the high schools to discuss the process for enrolling in community college.  They will meet with juniors and seniors and talk about signing up for classes, financial aid, and then they will administer the placement tests for Columbia College.

Multiple Field Trips:  As you might already know, our students take multiple field trips each year.  Trips are funded in multiple ways – from class fundraisers, from the school district, and from community support, mainly Helping Hands and Dave Lint and his Realtors golf tourney.  We thank our donors and our teachers for planning and taking our students to so many interesting places, really widening their horizons.

Future Farmers of America at Don Pedro High School:  The Don Pedro High School FFA club is involved in a number of events – Forestry class is working in the Rim Fire area, several Floral Design students are taking classes at MJC, officers and club members are going to attend the State FFA conference in May, among other things.  They are a busy group.

Walk for Water:  The Groveland Rotary Club is working with the local schools to raise awareness and money for wells in Africa.  In the village for which money is being raised, people have walk miles to get water on a daily basis.  Students will be asking for pledges.  This program will take place the week before Spring break (March 14-18).

Shakespeare Festival – Ashland, Oregon:  On March 30, 31, and April 1, Don Pedro and Tioga High students will be traveling to Ashland, Oregon to see several plays, have a chance to visit with actors backstage and visit Southern Oregon University.  Twenty-four students will make this trip and it is the third year in a row that students in the District have been able to travel to Ashland.  This trip is chaperoned by our teachers and it is a wonderful opportunity.

Spring Testing:  Tenaya’s state testing window is from April 4-29.  High school juniors will take their state tests in late April.  Ninth, tenth and twelfth grades do not take state tests.

Law Enforcement Career Fair:  On May 11, Tioga High will host a Law Enforcement Career Fair in the gym.  Present will be people representing many of the fields of law enforcement, including sheriff officers, highway patrol officers, security personnel, forest service, district attorney’s office, search and rescue, emergency medical technicians. . . . . .

Music and Art events:  There are plans to have a musical at Tenaya in March, date to be announced.  And the Spring Art Show is planned for Tuesday, May 18.  Tioga will be having an art show as well, date to be announced.

Fire Fighting Class:  This semester, Tioga High has a Fire Fighting class being taught by several current fire fighters.  Two of these gentlemen are Tioga High graduates and are donating their time to our students.  There is much interest in this class at Tioga High.

High School Proms:  The Don Pedro High School prom will be held on Saturday, April 30 and the Tioga High School prom will be held on May 7.  Students are excited about the proms.

Spring Break:  Our Spring break is from March 21-28 (March 28 is a snow make up day).

Graduation Dates

Tenaya:  Wednesday, June 1               Tioga:  Friday, June 3              Don Pedro:  Saturday, June 4