1. Students transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of and responsible to the driver of the bus.
2. No student will be denied school bus transportation unless he/she consistently behaves in a disorderly manner or refuses to submit to the authority of the bus driver.
3. Students must remain seated while the bus is in Motion.
4. Students must remain in their own seats unless allowed by the bus driver to change.
5. A QUIET BUS is a SAFER BUS, so students are expected to conduct their conversation in a quiet manner.
6. Guide Dogs are the only animals allowed on a School Bus.
7. Any containers on the bus must be of unbreakable material, i.e. wood, metal, plastic
8. No knives, dangerous objects, or weapons of any sort may be transported on a school buys.
9. Students are not permitted to throw anything out the window of a school bus.  Throwing or shooting anything within the school bus is not permitted.
10. For safety, students must sit in the seats assigned to them by the bus driver.  They are to face forward and keep legs and feet out of the aisle.
11. Horseplay and scuffling are inappropriate bus behavior.
12. All students are to keep their hands off other persons.
13. Control of lowering and raising the windows shall be under the supervision of the bus driver.  Windows shall never be lower than 3 notches
14. Students will keep all parts of their bodies inside the bus whether the vehicle is stopped or in motion.
15. Tampering with bus equipment is illegal.
16. All students who have red light stops shall wait to be escorted across the street or highway in front of the bus.
17. Students are to be respectful and obedient to the bus driver.
18. Students are to have a note from their parent or guardian on each occasion they are to ride a bus or go to a bus stop that is not their own.
19. It is a suspension offense to willingly deface or destroy any part of a bus.
20. Chewing Gum or eating is not allowed on the bus.
21. Students are to be at the bus stop 10 minutes before their scheduled pickup time
22. Spitting is inappropriate behavior and will not be permitted.

1st offense:    Warning letter sent home
2nd offense:  3 days off the bus- letter sent home      ( High school 5 days)
3rd offense:   5 days off the bus – letter sent home    ( High School 10 days)
4th offense:  10 days off the bus – letter sent home   ( High School Remainder of the Semester or 3 Months – whichever is longer)
5th offense:  Off bus remainder of the trimester or 3 months whichever is longer  (High School Off bus remainder of the year or 3 months, whichever is longer)

Please discuss these rules with your child.  Sign and return to the bus driver.

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